2016 What to Expect in the Worlds of Autism Disorders?

What to expect in the worlds of Autism Disorders in 2016? More Regression if 2015 Trend Continues.

I would like to be cheerful and say that we can expect major breakthroughs in treating the various autism disorders, providing necessary services for all levels of autism disorders and generally raise awareness of the challenges facing those with autism disorders, particularly those with severe autism disorders but I can not do that without ignoring the evidence to the contrary.  It is awareness, genuine, informed, evidence based autism awareness that feeds progress in all areas of autism.  Unfortunately autism disorder awareness took regressed substantially in 2015 with the world’s major mainstream media and the TED program fawning over Steve Silberman and the #neurodiversity #Neurotribe #nonsense he pushed to his own advantage in 2015. Yet again as it has done so often autism awareness wallowed in the pool of nonsense that attempts to refashion autism disorders as different even superior ways of thinking.  As always those who live on the severe end of the autism disorders spectrum, those who suffer from “co-morbid” intellectual disability, (40% US CDC – 50% WHO) and according to various studies the 30-40% who also suffer from co-morbid seizures, are ignored, just ignored.  Severe autism realities were ignored and buried along with the life prospects of so many who suffer from severe autism disorders in 2015.  Silberman will no doubt continue to bounce and prance though 2016 peddling his #Neurotribe #Nonsense aided and abetted by traditional purveyors of feel good about autism drivel like Ari Ne’eman, Shannon Rosa and their organizations.



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