My Favorite 2015 Autism and Seizure Story

My favorite autism story 2015 is not a story presenting autism as an advantage.  It is about the seizures that often accompany autism particularly among those, like my son, who also suffer from intellectual disability.  The story is my favorite because, in a moment of need, a moment of stress, the good people in my City of Fredericton, specifically those who worked at the Main Street and Brookside branch of the Superstore on Fredericton’s North Side came to our aid. When my son began a full tonic clonic, also known as Grand Mal, seizure collapsing and convulsing at the checkout as we were about to pay for our groceries the excellent, well trained staff of the Superstore came to our aid. Shielding us from other shoppers, directing them to other cashes, staying by our side, getting a wheelchair and assisting us to my vehicle when my son had sufficiently recovered.  In addition to store staff we were assisted by an off duty paramedic who actually timed the duration of my son’s convulsions, 3 minutes.  Harold L Doherty, Fredericton, NB, Canada.

Conor’s Superstore Seizure



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